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Restoration is not a simple process. You can’t simply bail the water or use a shop vacuum to clear the area. Standing water is an electrical hazard that can cause injury or death if you use appliances or fans. Your best first step is to turn off the electricity to the home if you can do so safely. If you experience a burst pipe or a cracked toilet, you should complete water damage repair within 72 hours to prevent contamination. This water is relatively clean, so damage can be minimal. However, the longer you delay the more dangerous the once clean water becomes. It may become contaminated with dirt, leached chemicals or other substances. 

Advanced cleaning specializes in both Residential and Commercial Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services. Time is of the essence when your property is devastated by water damage. If the water is not extracted as quickly as possible, it will not only lead to hazardous molds, but also can warp and corrode your home’s structure, and can turn into a huge financial loss. 

Let us take care of your water damage for you, so your home can be yours again. We provide the expertise that leaves you free of any concern or worry. We also do mold removal, mold testing, mold remediation, water damage repair and sewage cleanup. We are the top water damage restoration service in the area. We will work around the clock until your home is free of excess water and spores that come from water damage. 

Our technicians have been trained thoroughly as well as having obtained many years of knowledge and experience in water damage restoration services. We have the best equipment in our field and take pride in our company’s work. We also provide superb customer satisfaction. 

Our specialty:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • 30-60 min response time
  • Smoke damage restoration
  • Mold Treatment
  • EPA Certified Technicians
  • Residential And Commercial Water Damage Experts


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