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Clean, well-maintained tile flooring makes rooms look great. But, when it comes to tile and grout, the devil is in the details. No matter how beautiful your tile flooring is, if the grout lines are dirty, the entire room becomes unsightly. Porous and absorbent by nature, grout easily absorbs dirt, grease, grime, oils, and mopping detergent. Over time, these materials will soil and stain grout until your tile appears to be permanently lined with dirt. Unfortunately, standard home cleaning methods do little to combat the problem of dirty grout lines. In fact, normal mopping actually exacerbates the problem by pushing dirt around and allowing mop detergent to further contaminate your grout lines. 

For a grout cleaning solution that goes beyond what standard methods provide, count on the professionals at Advanced cleaning. Our trained cleaning technicians use powerful equipment that uses heated water, high pressure, and strong vacuums to blast dirt from your grout lines and swallow it up. Our skilled experts can handle the toughest tile and grout cleaning jobs with a powerful, yet safe and gentle cleaning process. We use a 230 degree 1500 psi truck-mounted system (portable units available for high-rise buildings) which contains all the dirt and fluids vacuuming it all back to the truck for a mess free job. 

We recommend using a sealer on your grout after it has been cleaned. This extra layer of protection seals the grout, making it resistant to spills and stains. This added protection makes your tile easier to clean in the future ensuring your investment for years to come.


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